Helping Researchers Bring their Work Forward

Welcome to West Virginia's Innovation Transfer Consortium, a program of TechConnectWV.

The purpose of our work is to help forge productive connections between the researchers at work in West Virginia's innovative institutions of higher education and the potential private sector partners who can help turn their work into viable products, services, technologies and, ultimately, jobs.

The consortium will develop and circulate useful information on intellectual property protection issues and tech transfer operations while also enhancing the classroom experience for students.

Watch this space for insightful blogs from program participants and experts in the field.

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Adding to the Laws of Nature to Create Industries and Jobs

In West Virginia, there is a deep and broad talent base of STEM scholars and scientists working at dozens of highly respected public and private institutions of higher education. Collectively their work and expertise is equal to the productivity of a large research university.

Predominately, these Mountain State institutions focus on teaching, but their faculty executes research and fulfill publication requirements for tenure and promotion.

That work – what America's first Presidential Science Advisor Vanevar Bush called in the 1940s  “additions to the laws of nature” – could produce job-creating ideas for West Virginia if the right idea meets the business expertise and investments to move forward.  The Innovation Transfer Consortium helps make those connections.

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ITC's Database Links Researchers to business

ne of the important services of ITC is its  database of information about the researchers at work at West Virginia's excellent colleges and universities so their work is more easily discovered by the private sector experts who can help convert their innovations into new products, industries and jobs.

Researchers are invited to use the Consortium's information collection page to offer their contact information and a brief description of their work so that productive connections can occur.

West Virginia higher ed researchers are encouraged to visit the ITC's Data Collection site to fill out and submit information that can help lead to productive new commercialization relationships with the private sector. To learn more about TechConnectWV and the ITC, use the contact options available here:

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